Newbie plans for vintage car audio requires checking


I’m a total newbie with Volumio and Rasbperry Pi as well…

My plans are to build a headless car stereo for my vintage car. Before going any further with my plans, I thought it might be smart to ask from you guys if my plans are something that could be done…

What I want to accomplish is to build the new headless system inside an old car stereo to keep that vintage look&feel.
Features required would be

  • ability to listen to spotify with one predefined playlist
  • ability to listen to tunein radio with predefined channels
  • ability to listen and control spotify with spotify connect
  • possibility to select a source (spotify playlist, tunein, spotify connect) with three push buttons
  • possibility to select next/previous channel or track with rotary switch (spring returned)
  • volume control (for dac) with a potentiometer (source volume would always be the same)
  • 4G network + wifi from my phone, when 4G connection is unavailable (network change would preferably be handled with a push button)
  • dac delivering audio to an amp in the car

Being a newbie I’ve planned to do this in a few steps

  1. get the basic stuff to work on my desk
  2. add the buttons and switches to get stuff to work headless
  3. get the dac + volume control working
  4. get the 4g network working
  5. build the head unit (put the stuff inside the old philips and figure out how to fix the buttons and switches to headplate)
  6. get it all to work in the car

So, is this possible?
Is this possible using Volumio?
Do I need any additional hardware on top of RasPi, DAC, buttons, switches and the 4G dongle/shield?
Does my plan on how to start with this sound like good plan or would you do something differently?

Yes, this is certainly possible, and there have been a few posts on the forums, where people have been doing just this … have a search :slight_smile:.