Newbie Hardware Questions

I’m looking for a new RPi project and thought of making a audio player that I can load all of my CD and vinyl recordings on. What I want to make will only be used in the house and will be connected to my current sound system. I have been researching this topic the past couple of days and I’m looking for confirmation that my understanding of what is needed regarding hardware is correct.

My current system consists of a PS Audio Pre Amp which is in turn connected to a ADCOMP 200 watt power amp and that drives the speakers.
It looks like If I add a DAC, such as the BOSS DAC V 1.2 , to a RPi 3 I will be able to connect that to my PS Audio Pre Amp via the RCA connectors and be good to go. Is that correct? … +DAC+V+1.2

Again I’m only concerned about the hardware configuration.

Looking at some of the DYI projects others have built why do they build their own power supply? Is that because they are driving the speakers directly?

Any recommendations on a DAC will be welcome along with any other suggestions or advice.



The main reason people build their own power supplies is to reduce noise being introduced into the system.

I don’t think that you will go far wrong with your choice of DAC. Have a read through some of the forum postings about the various other DACs.


Now if I can only get the WiFi to work…