NEWBIE- Allo Boss 2 preloaded with Moode

Hi. I’m totally new to this so please be patient.
I have the new Allo Boss 2 which came pre configured with Moode audio. I would like to switch to Volumio. If I buy a new SD card and flash it using Volumios instructions will it be a simple process?

Hi Canyon99,

Following the instructions it should be easy :slight_smile:

Will there be hardware issues?

Please take a look here, Allo Boss 2 and Volumio 2:


Still not clear to me whether there is a current problem or not with Volumio 3. Can anyone definitively confirm it is working ok (or not)?

(Hi Canyon99 btw, welcome to Volumio. :D)

Euh… @chsims1 Not regarding this topic I think?
if it is, I reffrered to the topic with V2 as that was the only thing I could find regarding the Allo Boss 2. It might help him/her with V3.

Yes, sorry. It was a meant to be a general question whether those problems in Volumio 2 were resolved for Volumio 3.

As far as I can tell, issues where with the kernel version of V2. I see a statement in that topic:

On the other side, Volumio3 (Buster beta) has the kernel 5.4.83, so the driver and the dtbo are included already… adding the proper string on dacs.json should make the Boss2 working.

Have no Allo Boss 2, to test or confirm. Weird though as you can order this Allo Boss with Volumio, but the Boss 2??
I did find a image for Boss2 and Volumio V2:

Updated link as the previous one didn’t work anymore:
Volumio 2.853 - Allo Boss2
dac.json for Volumio

Hi Canyon99,

Please excuse me - i did not realize you are asking for version 2 of the Boss DAC.
I just read the corresponding threads to it - and saw there is an issue with it.
So please be patient - or better - if you want to - help us by giving it a try :slight_smile:

I am happy with Volumio v3 and Boss v1.2 - unfortunately i do not own a Boss v2 DAC.

so it might not be so easy by just only following the instructions by now…

Sorry again for my “too fast” response.

May be it would be a good idea to ask at ALLO support ?

Best Regards

We should add the proper entry in the dacs.json file, including the alsacard string.

If someone has this DAC available, please contact me with a private message, I will explain how to obtain all the required information to have this DAC supported

I wrote something wrong, the BOSS2 DAC should be already supported in Volumio3

I was looking at the wrong dacs.json file, the current one has all the required entries

I own an Allo BOSS 2 DAC, as far as I can tell it works fine. However, without the display and the button for operation.
The very small display and the small button don’t seem very useful to me anyway …
I asked Allo, the small display unit with the button can apparently be removed without any problems. (Cut connections)
I have not compared with my Allo BOSS (1.2 rev. 1.4) whether it sounds better … I still have to do that

I love the sound of the Allo BOSS 2!
The upgrade from BOSS 1.2 to BOSS2 makes a lot of sense to me!
It sounds fantastic, it’s a better class for me!