System Rpi / HiFi DAC plus expansion board with SSD
Up and running via Wndws desk top

Help with: don’t have volume control via the interface circle control ?

I have Raspberry 7" touch screen connected to the Pi
After login I get the large Volumio name…where do I go from here ?
Does this system support control via desk top & touchscreen simo ?
When I boot the system is there a way to prevent the system from
Loading extensive music on the ssd takes considerable time ?
Lastly how does one delete certain music cuts in such a system ?

Thanks in advance

Look at the ‘Volume Options’ in ‘Playback Options’ under settings. Your DAC may not support hardware volume control, in which case you will need to change to software control.

You need to install the touch screen plugin to get the GUI on your screen.

You can control your device from any device with a browser.

The system doesn’t load music on bootup. Your music tracks will be scanned into a library, but this shouldn’t happen on each boot.

You will need to manually do it from the Volumio cli, or make the contents of your hdd a share (which could then be accessed from Windows, for example).

Have a read of the documentation in my signature, and you might need to do a bit of Googling for making shares, if you don’t already know how to do so.