Newb: what is the Albums tab for?

The ‘Album’ and ‘Playlist’ tabs in Volumio, are they for Volumio exclusive collections/lists as opposed to streaming (Qobuz/Tidal)?
I can’t seem to be able to add an album from Qobuz to these tabs. Or is that not how it works and this is for a local NAS or similar local storage of music?

PS can’t seem to find a manual for the Volumio OS as opposed to their hardware.


The album tab serves to show the albums of your files collection, same for Playlists


Do you know if it’s possible to organise my Qobuz albums using those Music Library/Albums/Artists/Playlists tabs in the Volumio GUI or is that for a local library (NAS/USB etc)

From what I can tell so far the Playlists tab does work on the playback queue so therefore the steaming tracks…

Those tabs are for your local library only.

Thanks folks. Really liking Volumio so far… (trial day one).
The GUI is fresh, clean, minimal and simple. I love that’s it’s a server on an RPi, it does Qobuz and it does multiroom…I think apart from Roon that makes it unique (for us RPi refugees)

I want to get a second RPi next week to run the multiroom through its paces, Glad to have ditched Roon… I sure don’t miss the bloated complex GUI and the price.

If I have more questions I will ask here if that’s OK…


Sure ask away, that’s where the forum is for.
Make sure to also use the search function, you might find a world of info.


So I cancelled my subscription becuase of the following:

  1. There is no way to organise my music apart from Playlists. Now, I know that is how all music organisation is done in your type of app, but in the end it drives me crazy! I hate playlists! I want to organise my library into ‘Album Collections’ and yes, I know there are workarounds using playlists to acheive this, but why is there NEVER any way of organising, meaningfully, a music collection from a streaming service apart from bloody Playlists?? :slight_smile:
    Even Roon struggles: they have tags that allow it but really why can we not in 2024 just drag an album ontop of another album and create a folder that we can name and make a hierarchy? So odd.

  2. The Qobuz plugin information is not as good as eg. Audirvana.
    This is essential…the information coming over from Qobuz has to be totally thorough and not truncated in any way.

In the end Volumio becomes an interface for Qobuz but without all the rich metadata that Qobuz has on its app. So I’m struggling. Especially as Qobuz is about to release Qobuz connect.

Of course I don’t have a ‘local library’ anymore and I think I represent how people are, more and more thesedays. Who cares about ripped CD’s anymore when you can replace them all on your streaming service?
Therefore the whole upper section of the base navigation in Volumio (which confused me and is why I posted) - Music Library/Albums etc is completely redundant and irrelevant to someone like me.

In the end you need to offer something that makes it worthwhile to pure streaming people like me over the native app (Qobuz/Tidal etc) with Airplay.

Sound quality- sure, but to be honest 44k CD quality really is good enough for most and actually I think Airplay offers more than that.

However I forgot to say- Volumio is a standalone streamer on an RPi- big big plus!

Anyhow, just my feedback, I like Volumio! But give me a reason to abandon my native app!

Good luck developing and I will check back to see where you take it.

Thanks! Really useful feedbacks.

Would you like to give me 10 minutes of your time, so I can collect some more of your feedbacks? If yes, feel free to drop me a private message