New volumio user

Hi, just want to introduce myself before I start asking questions and or complaining :slight_smile:

I’m into vintage stereo equipment and also a long time Unix admin. I have a ZFS NAS home server with ~500GB of FLACs (that I ripped from CDs I own).

Recently I discovered the Raspberry PI + DAC audio community and been testing out all the free distros to play music from my NAS to my RPI with a DAC. Really fun testing them and I’ve settled on Volumio2 as it’s the overall best distro IMHO.

My data path is: ZFS NAS FLAC -> volumio2 -> RPI2B + Hifiberry DAC+ Pro -> Pioneer SX-828 (receiver) -> ADS L710

Not really ground breaking here, just wanted to say thank you to the devs.

Welcome aboard bud! Some great gear there