new Volumio user from Toulouse FRANCE


I’m 59 years old, I live in France (Toulouse) and I just finish installed a RPI 3 (+ official 7" touch screen) with a Maverick DAC Tube magic via USB, It works very good.
Before that, I used a mini PC (Ubuntu) with Jajuk (Java JukeBox) but this software has no evolution between 3 years. Volumio is more simple, more efficient and more beautiful.

The human interface of volumio is very good, I prefer use directly the touch screen, and I can control Volumio with the remote command of my amplifier (for this, I use xdotool and a receptor Flirc). If some people are interested, I can present this solution in a future post.


Hi Didier, welcome

Yes I am very interested in seeing your solution!

hi Didier

This is exactly what I would like to do, when you have time please share your solution