New Volumio user from Australia

Hey guys,

My name is Mike. I’ve always enjoyed tinkering and got volumio up and running pretty quickly on my Raspberry Pi. Having Volumio connected to a NAS share will replace a computer I’ve been using to play back my music.

I have a HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC on the way which I hope will work with the Rpi/Volumio. I am also dipping my feet into NAS territory for the first time, I’m awaiting delivery of a HP Proliant N54L MicroServer to run FreeNas to serve files for the audio player and a Plex client (Jailbroken AppleTV)

Some ideas I have for projects:

  1. A relay to switch powered speakers on or off at the outlet depending on whether music is playing back. (Triggered via GPIO)

  2. I collect live music torrents, I considered making an interface that pulls images and memorabilia of shows from a database to display on a screen while the show (FLAC) is playing.

  3. In-car Pi to airplay and/or load tracks from a USB.

Hi Mike,
think we share the same approach on life… The Hifimediy is an excellent choice, very high price\quality ratio.
And for your project, really eager to see them deployed! I also like the idea of a relays controlled turn on\off mechanism for my system. As a couch potato this will be a great joy.
As for the second, I want to look how to retrieve and fetch album arts and informations. I was very happy with songbird, that made this stuff… I’ll really like to have your contribution on that!
As for the car, there were a similar project on RaspyFi , and aht961 made an excellent tutorial you could take as inspiration:

Let me know!