New Volumio Spotify Plugin Open Beta-Testing

I can confirm this: Emptying the que in the Volumio app, then back to Spotify and it works again.

Apart from the above issue I can still confirm a properly working connection with Spotify Connect too :+1:

How do you delete the cue .Where is it located?

Thanks will try it ,great explanation!

I have the same trouble. 3.0.6 at least played.


Did you try this process. Worked for those above,

It doesn’t cure. Playing stops at 1st or 2nd second. Once it runs but there was no sound.

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Hey all,
I’ve just installed this plug in, and got it all working on a pi3. However, when I start playing back, and attempt to shuffle the queue, things still play in the playlist order.

Volumio version 3.396, plugin version 3.0.7

Spotify plugin 3.0.7 is finally working in Volumio 3.396, but with software volume control only. This is unacceptable. I use a Hifiberry Digi hat with no mixer option to avoid sound quality degradation due to digital volume control. Is there a way to make it work with no mixer option?

Just keep the volume at 100 or at 0dB, it’s essentially the same as no mixer.

This is certainly a way, but I would like the plugin to work anyway.

My experience and feedback with the 3.0.7 Spotify plugin on the latest x86 platform. Not sure if anybody cares for the x86 platform though.

  • plugin installs properly and I can configure it no problem. After install i enter my credentials and it logs in no problem.
  • i can browse spotify, search and select songs but nothing is playing. No errors are displayed in the UI.
  • After a reboot, the plugin doesn’t automatically sign in to Spotify. Not sure if it’s meant to do it or i always need to login manually.
  • After a reboot, the plugin can’t evel login no matter how many times i enter my password. The only times it logs in is when i cast to it from my spotify app on my iphone. However, it takes about 10-15 tries until it connects. Once casting is established, the plug in logs in successfuly manually.

To sum it up, the plugin doesn’t log in. When it does after casting or dosens of tries it never plays anything from the UI. It only plays via casting from my phone app, only after dosens of times of connection tries.

Airplay works every time but that uses a different service and it’s outside the spotify plugin.

Does anybody know if the SQ is diminished between native Spotify UI on volumio, casting to the plugin on volumio, airplay to volumio.

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Me again.
Still having the issue that shuffling doesn’t do anything, but now I’m seeing some more oddities:

  1. I find that I get a red “api error” notification, when trying to browse spotify, and the current workaround is to reboot the pi
  2. Even though I use the pi exclusively (not using my phone to control Spotify connect), I find an entire playlist can get skipped. This seems to happen if I pause, and the come back to the pi

Logs are attached.


Same issue as reported by a lot :

  • Stops after each song of the playlist

  • Timing is starting back at 0 (but the song continues to play) every time I refresh UI or change the volume.

  • device : pi4 4gb

  • dac : hifiberry dac+ zero

  • plugin : 3.0.7

  • volumio : 3.396

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Did you try this workaround. Only needed when you change from Volumio sources to Spotify Connect listening, so if you plan a few hours playing via your phone’s spotify app, this should be trouble free.

Doesn’t help much.

The interface doesn’t refresh, or refresh super slowly (the timer progress for a few seconds then stop, then jumps a few seconds (to catch up on what it missed), if I refresh the page the time seems right but doesn’t progress.

Also, the state doesn’t change (doesn’t change to “play”), which I need for my home automation to work properly (the amp is turned on when the state goes to play.

Actually, it looks like it’s the other way around: the state is not set to play (even if the media is playing) therefore the UI timing is not refreshed/progressed.

Are these glitches only when you’re trying to listen to Spotify or generally with Volumio?

Mostly Spotify.
Used airplay and played some random web radio without any issues.

The timer UI doesn’t run with web radio either. But the “state” is correct (playing). It updates at random intervals (but the value after each update seems correct).

EDIT 2 :
It seems that all issues are linked to the timer. If I scrub near the end of the track using the IU, it will play the end of the song than start the next one (most of the time).
If I let it play to the end of the song without scrubbing it won’t play the next one.

Also once it’s in a bad state (stoped playing) it’s kinda crashed. Some part of the UI doesn’t work (scrubbing, play/pause, etc.) while the rest works (system, volume, …)

Sometimes while scrubbing a ‘spotify API unavailable’ (not sure of the wording) appears.

And I got it in a completely crashed state by scrubbing (needed a reboot) with a song playing and no way to stop it but reboot the device (using the UI).

I find this workaround only works when going from NAS based playlist to Spotify.
If I’ve already got a Spotifyplaylist, and then start another one (or the same one from a different point by tapping on a different song), the skipping starts happening again.

Same feeling here, Volumio is considered to be the best hifi streaming software, it should provide the possibility to exclude software related volume control to prevent sound degradation also on Spotify plugin.