New version BerryNOS 1543 RED

Hi Guys!

We just want to share with you our newest Dac =)

Its an updated version form BerryNOS 1543 and we call it RED.

Some changes and improvement form previous version better BIAS, PCB layout and changed essential components.

As the old version this DAC also has its own PSU part and only needs an AC power transformer with dual 7.5V and 25 to 40 VA.

Outputs: Balanced XLR (onboard) and Unbalanced RCA (needs soldering)

More info: … ed-module/
User manual: … tachment=8

I discovered this DAC a few days ago and I’m very interested in it, but I have a doubt that I hope someone could address to.
According to the User Manual of the DAC, it needs a 2x7.5 VAC 25-40 VA from an external power supply. I’m not very good in this kind of things, so excuse me if I will write foolish things.
I searched for a AC/AC wall adapter power supply that could give a 7.5 V output with the intention of buying two adapters of this kind, but I couldn’t find anything. I only found adapters that give a 6 V output or a 9 V output, but not 7.5 V output. Since it appears strange to me, I started thinking that I didn’t considered something, but I don’t know what. Could anyone help me? I’m feeling stupid. :blush:

Hi Roland!

I own the first version of this DAC and it’s sounding superb!

BUT: Important information is missing in the manual.
Output level via RCA Cinch is rather low and balanced output is recommended.
The question is, who, especially in this place, owns a balanced input pre? I think almost
no one! For unbalanced output (RCA Cinch) you need to have enough gain on the amp for adequate output level or you have to modify balanced output stage- but that’s not too easy and expensive.

Forget the ac adaptor. Take a good quality torroidal power transformer with the above mentioned values. One with two 7.5V secondary sections is needed. That’s the next problem. Most of these transformers are delivered with 6V, 9V, 12V… so 7.5V are hard to get. If the AC voltages of the transformer are too high, you may burn the voltage regulators on the board or make them close their output, if AC is too low, you’ll get hum on the line output. Unfortunately you won’t find this info in the manual. Seems that G2Labs is developing for specialists :mrgreen:

In addition you need of course 5V DC power for the pi that you can connect directly to the DAC board (described in the manual).

On the raspberry pi you have to do minimum soldering: an 8 pin header has to be soldered to the P5 connection of the pi- in this case it has to be done on the BOTTOM of the pi! Afterwards raspi will fit on the presoldered female header of the BerryNOS DAC.

On the new RED version RCA connectors have to be soldered to the board also (if needed).

This little help is for all who intend to try this DAC. Actually response from G2Labs is rather poor, so I think this clearing up was necessary.

So, dear guys from G2Labs- please correct me, if I’ve got something wrong!

Greetingz, Robert

Thank you, metalrob :smiley: your answer is very clear and useful. So, if I decide to buy this DAC, I’ll have to search for a toroidal transformer. However, I wasn’t aware of the problem of the low output via RCA cinch. It’s a very important info that will be very useful to everybody. :slight_smile:

A few days ago I’ve sent a message to the guys of G2labs, asking for help about the power supply of the BerryNOS 1543 DAC. They answered me and gave me some info that I think could be important to those people that are interested in this DAC. They gave me a link to a toroidal transformer that has even four secondary sections of 7.5 VAC, here: … &toc=18841

They also said to me that soon they will start selling on their shop a PSU for the BerryNOS 1543 DAC, with all the outputs needed, two 7.5 VAC outputs and also one 5 VDC output for the Raspberry Pi. I hope to do something useful to everyone sharing this info with you all. I’m evaluating all the options and I will decide in the next future, but this DAC is very interesting!