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Hello from CT. Just getting started with Volumio (and the Pi !) Hoping to to build a DIY all-in-one audio playback device that of course includes streaming. My son is the programmer in the family. I have a lot to learn. :slight_smile:

Edit - BTW are there some documents for newbies that can be printed out. I’m old-school. :smiley:

Edit 2 - My first project is getting a new 5" LCD touch screen to work with my Pi B+. So far that’s been challenging. I plan on putting it on the front panel of my device with a 3’ front-end interface/web page.

Hello redjr and welcome to the board!

I’ve always found that Adafruit has some great guides for the Pi and general tinkering. Their products are really expensive though, but a lot of the same stuff applies to cheap ebay clones.

For documentation to print out I’m not sure what exactly you want, but I think that the MagPi books are great for beginners and might be nice if you want something on paper.