New user from Germany and a small contribution

Thanks a lot for the great project. I’ve just installed Volumio on my brand new Raspberry Pi B+. Everything works great out of the box!
USB DAC was recognized and no signs of pops and clicks as reported on this forum.

What I was missing was the easy way to control Volumio with my laptop when the browser is off or with another tab/content.
So it’s my Autohotkey script (rewrited from the one I made in the past to control foobar2000; Windows only). It works in background.

It allows to Play/Pause, Next, Previous, VolumeUp, VolumeDown just with the Media Keys of PC’s keyboard.
I’ll add the feature to display shortly track info about current audio track as the json response arrives (something like OSD), soon …
Any contribution is welcome.

My set up:
Raspberry Pi “B” +
Fiio E10 DAC
Pioneer A-337 Amp
Heathkit boxes with KEF Speakers (1968)