New User from Bremen Germany

Hi Guys,
I’m quite new to the raspberry and its possibilities. So here is my Setup:
Raspi Pi3 with Allo Kali and Piano 2.0 Dac going to Denon Amp and Yamaha NS-1000 Speakers. The sound is pretty awesome.
All my music is stored on a NAS - mostly FLAC, some SACD FLAC and a few mp3.

The setup is quite straight forward but there are still some glitches in terms of reliabilty - my wife detests volumio because it often does not work the way she wants it to work. But then again she sometimes has the same issue with me :slight_smile:
Anyway - I seem to have issues with sound output - I2S sometimes doesnt work - usually a restart helps.
It is a great system it just doesn’t seem to be reliable enough to work as an everyday Media Center - yet!!

Welcome Sascha, it would be helpful if you could post your problem as a new post in the help section or on Github ( Please include as much information as possible. If you have access to ssh or a monitor and keyboard attached to your device, then you might like to check the log file


or run the command

sudo journalctl -b

to find system information directly after the loss of sound occurs.

Hi chsims1,
thank you for the advice I will do that. I haven’t tried SSH yet - shame on me. But I sure will get into that real soon.
So in general I would post problems in github, rather than in this forum?