New Spotify pluging not activating

Hi guys

I wanted to install the new Spotify pluging. So I uninstalled the 2 old ones (Spotify 2 and Spotify Connect) and installed the new plugin from the built-in plugin store. It installed and asked me if I wanted to activate. When I clicked yes, I got an error message saying that the plugin failed to start. It shows as installed in the plugin list, with the switch set to on, but with the red inactive status.

Hardware: Pi 4 with Allo Boss 2
Volumio: 3.301
Spotify plugin: 3.0.1

Any help would be appreciated.

Is the old spotify connect plugin still available, in order to have at least that while waiting for a solution for the new plugin?

the old plugin is no longer working, due to EOL API by Spotify.

I thought it was only the spotify 2 plugin that stopped working, the spotify connect plugin still worked for me until I uninstalled it to install the new one.