new rasberry pi3 +

Hello, Does anyone know if Volumio’s software will support 802.11 N for 5ghz dualband found in the new rasberry pi3 +?

I have a new pi 3B+ working on 5GHz wifi. As I understand, the pi 3B+ needs a new Linux kernel, and there are still some problems with I2S in that kernel. So while the new rPi does work on 5GHz, I would suggest waiting a bit.

Thank you for that information! I will indeed wait until the deveplomenet is a little more mainstream and further along.

Can we install current (older) versions of Volumio on this latest Pi hardware

as long as we don’t need its new functionality?

IOW will it function just as well as on the older hardware?

I don’t think the 3B+ can use an older Volumio. My 3B+ wouldn’t boot from an SD card that was working on a 3B. I know that the kernel needs to be updated to support 5GHz wifi, but I don’t know if the older kernel is expected to work otherwise on a 3B+.

I just meant current released in production version.

Not willing to be a beta tester yet.

Found the multi-boot image designed for 3B+ includes a Volumio that works, so feel comfortable ordering my preference, latest hardware.