New Product: miniDSP SHD with Volumio

Looks very cool!

No idea on the price yet.

I really like the 4 outs, making it easy to XO between woofer and tweeter, or sub with speaker set.

Great idea! … shd-series

Wow… way too much excitement in here.


Well, I am excited!!!

Internal sample rate 96 kHz? How is that supposed to be current technology? And how can it accept 192 kHz from external sources while using 96 kHz internally? I must be missing something here… but what is it?

I would love one of these, but can’t stomach the price. I just got my Volumio setup running and intend to stick a MiniDsp NanoDIgi on the other side of my asynchronus spdif output to make all digital active stereo subwoofer crossover, delay and eq with it. Much smaller investment and should ultimately accomplish many of the same goals.

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Since this morning, the volume control of my miniDSP SHD by Volumio does not work anymore, neither on my Mac nor on my Android smartphone. My miniDSP SHD has the latest Version (1.15) of the Firmware (1.21). I tried to stop and restart the miniDSP and both Volumio running devices but it does not change the issue. Could this be caused by my upgrading the Volumio software to the 1.099 version (dated Tue April 20) this morning ? Any idea how to fix this (even if I have to go back to previous version) ?

It is produced, as far as I am aware, by minidsp, not Volumio.

Have you tried support at minidsp?

Thxs but miniDSP won’t hear about it : they just pass on the subject to Volumio since this is indeed where the problem is : 1/the volume control by the rotating knob of the miniDSP SHD works fine 2/the volume control of the miniDSP SHD by Volumio use to work with the previous version… 'till yesterday !

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This Volumio community is not supporting miniDSP.
Not because it does not want to, but because this community can’t.
The Volumio version for miniDSP is a customized version people here have no knowledge of.
Please post a report on the miniDSP forum.
Even if it is then forwarded to Volumio, it is the only way to get your report to the responsible developer.
The miniDSP DevTeam is in very close contact with the Volumio people, so your issues will be taken care of.

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Allright, here is the deal according to miniDSP.
The output signal volume of the miniDSP SHD (or Studio) is not MEANT to be controlled through the Volumio interface : this would reduce the dynamic of the signal injected into the DSP before it applies its user programmed processing (filters, etc) and therefore degrade the overall sound quality. Thus, the miniDSP engineers have decided that the volume control function of their dedicated custom Volumio app be disabled : the signal provided by the Volumio app is injected into the miniDSP processors at maximum volume (with full dynamic) while overall volume control is applied by the miniDSP after processing, using the equipment’s own volume control knob or remote control (but NOT the Volume app user interface slider, which is non operating).
Hope this helps.

I don’t not quite get it, helps what?

“Helps” in terms of the reason for his first post. I think he is explaining that Volumio shouldn’t control the volume, but is left to the miniDSP SHD (Volumio volume control disabled). A result of a software update from miniDSP.

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I think a person named This?

Well, all I can see that it helps to understand that this is not the forum to ask about miniDSP issues.
The author would never have received this, for him very valuable, information without asking miniDSP directly. Nobody from us has that information.

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This usually is when there is more than one contractor… they often say: ask the latter, not me!

And the system still doesn’t work.

So more comfortable situation is when software and hardware are from the same developer…