New potential user from Canada -Looking for info

Hi, my name is Brian and I am looking to change my current music playing setup to something more versatile and stable. I am currently using a 2010 Mac mini 8gb/ 256g SSD with my personal music collection ripped from cd and stored on a FireWire HDD in AIFF format. I don’t do streaming at this point or much internet radio etc. Playback software has been Puremusic and I use the Apple remote app and an I pad for control. Since Puremusic uses the ITunes library as a source for playback, that is how my music is stored. I am feeding a couple of different dacs through USB, mainly a DIY DDDac1794 which uses a Wave IO board as a USB bridge and feeds the dac board I2S. I also use an Emotiva DC 1 at times. I also have a Wyred4sound Recovery USB reclocker installed between the Mac mini and the dacs.
I have constant glitches running this setup with sudden Puremusic crashes, unreliable remote app operation, volume control issues that cause clipping and other hiccups and nuisance problems that keep coming and going.
Since it is time to replace the old Mac mini, I have been looking for alternatives that would allow a silent music source for my main listening room and allow 1 central music library to serve multiple locations in the house.
I have a couple of specific questions as well as seeking general advice.

  1. Does Volumio support AIFF?
  2. How hard is it to migrate a 1000cd AIFF music library to Volumio?
  3. Is the Allo USBridge a reasonable solution to serving music files to my USB dacs with remote control from an IPad?
    Sorry for the length of this. I am functional in terms of pc/mac setup but have no Linux experience. I am mostly a hardware person having worked for 40 years as a biomedical/electronic technologist. I am looking for a reliable solution and do not want a system that requires a lot of manual software setups and updates.
    My Volumio or Primo look like definite possibilities if that is a good path to take. I am entirely new to this!
    Thank You in advance for any help you can offer.