[new plugin dev] Unable to return data to the browser view


I’m trying to develop a new plugin, I’ve followed the docs and have a new entry in the “Browse” section for my plugin. But when I click it, I get an empty list.

I tried all the variations I could think of handleBrowseUri, with and without promise.

Here’s my last (most simple) attempt :

ControllerAuxin.prototype.handleBrowseUri = function (curUri) {
        var self = this;

        return {
                "navigation": {
                        "lists": [
                                                "service": "mpd",
                                                "type": "song",
                                                "title": "Led Zeppelin",
                                                "icon": "fa fa-music",
                                                "uri": "search://artist/Led Zeppelin"

I never get anything in the list (not even a back icon beside home).
The green progress bar, get slowly to 99% then stop.

Nothing else happens.

I tried lots of variation based on what I found in other plugins but nothing worked.

Any idea welcome