New path? ONDROID -> USB XMOS -> DAC

Hi all,

during my latest “research” i came across the RPI issue with USB , so i changed to use I2s directly with various dacs. Now i carefully read the issues with RPIs wrong genereation of MCLK for 44.1 tracks. Also backed with interesting measurements, its for me obvious to leave the RPI->I2s if there is no better clock generation available.

My Question or disusssion bases here:

Can we use Ondroid-C1+ with USB XMOS -> DAC to (1) resolve the RPI USB problems and (2) to have jitter free MCLK for the DAC?

Happy to get your views!

An XMOS USB DAC on an Odroid C1 or a C1+ works flawlessly.
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And together with this here the final solution? … clock.html