New MPOD app ---> "kill" MPD if "going rewind/forward"

Using Volumio 1.2beta (USB to i2s with is2 dac sabre 9023) and the recently updated MPOD iOS app (for iPhone), I observed a strange/silly bug:

in this new MPOD version there is a new thing :
showing of the song resolution and “slide” to fast forward, fast rewind within the current track … if I use it : audio disapear, it’s like MPD is not responding and I have to /etc/init.d/mpd restart to hear music again.

ps : using theremin (MPD client on Mac : no problem)

Am I the only one having this observation ?

Edit : playing with the web gui (left circle) works perfectly



Hi Arginine,

i don’t know if this will help but i noticed the same issue here with the 1.2B RasperryP image and the last version of the MPOD app (which is really great by the way).


Yes it s help : this confirm that I am not the only one

Is there others with mpod and using the 1.1 or 1.2 Volumio having also this issue ?

Ps yes mpod is a great app !


Hi Arginine,

i just found out that the latest version of MPD reports a bug fixed with seeking.

[code]ver 0.18.10 (2014/04/10)

  • decoder
    • ffmpeg: fix seeking bug
    • ffmpeg: handle unknown stream start time
    • gme: fix memory leak
    • sndfile: work around libsndfile bug on partial read
  • don’t interrupt playback when current song gets deleted[/code]

Could that be the reason why we are having this issue with MPOD ?

@Michelangelo : any chance that you add this new version of MPD in a future release ?

Oh, good catch. On volumio 1.2beta, MPD version is 0.17.4
I have no idea to which MPD version Volumio 1.3 beta is running.
It’s quit bizarre since this “bug” does NOT appears in the volumio gui (moving forward, backward is running nicely) and also in theremin (MPD client on MAC). I would guess it’s more a iOS MPOD bug.

But you’re right it’s worth to test (I will not install volumio 1.3 since python sounds to causes issues)


I also have the same issue here.

Volumio works great on my Raspberry Pi with a Roland UA-1G USB DAC, and it’s very fast at seeking via web browser.

With MPOD (1.1), trying to seek inside a song makes it stop responding (strangely, this doesn’t happen on every music files. :question:

On the other hand, MPOD is supposed to be on version 1.2 in the Apple Store, but I can only download the 1.1 from iCloud (or at least, the MPOD app still says 1.1 on the “about” page.

It’s a shame, since Volumio is working great elsewhere. :wink:

Hi Arginine,

i have just updated mpd to 18.9 following this tutorial on my Pi :

and i confirm that seeking forward/backward in the songs from the MPod app (version 2.2) does not crash mpd anymore.
If you don’t feel like compiling mpd yourself, try to download one of the Beta 1.3 releases of Volumio. Michelangelo is using mpd 18.9 in this last beta.

Let me know if it works for you :slight_smile: