New member from the UK - into DIY audio

Hi from a DIY audioer.
I’m new to RPi and Volumio .

I have evolved a 5 way frontloaded, active horn system over many years.
I use a DIYaudio forum WAF Najda 4 channel DSP X/O unit to do the heavy lifting with various inputs and outputs to the amplifiers.

I have a few questions about getting an RPi3 / Volumio and I2S output to work.

I have already got the RPi and volumio to play nicely through a Hifiberry digi+ into the SPdif input and it worked fine.
But the Hifiberry is not quite there sound quality wise on my system.
Instead of getting a Allo Digi One or Signature, I am looking to connect directly via I2S and use a Kali reclocking board.

I look forward to reading about other forum members projects and getting some help :slight_smile: