New member from Houston TX, NASA

Good Morning & hello to all. I’ve been using Volumio on Cubitruck for about a year and I absolutely love it! Many thanks to all who have contributed. I am a Hardware Engineer at NASA for IBM, 28 years. I would love to be able to contribute (when possible) and come up with great ideas, but I don’t necessarily have the coding experience to actually benefit the the project in that area. I joined the forum for a couple of reasons today:

I’m looking into re-utilizing 2 cortex based MXQ & M8 boxes I purchased for Kodi media (HD Video) clients. Neither of which are phenomenal for the task of running Kodi in Android OS.

I would like to find/build a solution to run Volumio on multiple devices that would allow playing the same music stream throughout my network. Kind of like a “local network” radio station, with all instances of volumio playing in sync.

This could possibly already exist, but I just wanted to introduce myself before I started my digging. Once again, thanks to all & keep up the great work :exclamation:


Yes, your “multiroom” concept does exist, google for “snapcast server”.
This will be integrated in Volumio 2 (eventually the way you want it, but is not completely done yet).