New jessie release 2.909!

Dear Folks,

Here Davide, Volumio Prod. Specialist

A quick update just to inform you on the new 2.909 downloadable version for Jessie.

Many of you have been waiting for a more stable and bug-fix version on Tidal connect feature.

We hope this upgrade can fixes the playback issues related to Tidal connect and also the ones due to some DAC uncompatibilities.

You need just to go to Settings—>System Menu—>Check Updates
And check it out!

Meantime we are working hard on the new Buster build and the awaited Multiroom feature!

As always, shall you find any inconsistency, error, issue of any sort, please report it here or write me to: techsupport at volumio dot org
It is also useful to paste the log link after your error happens and describe what were your actions prior to the error.

Thank you so much!

Please enjoy

my best,