New HiFiBerry HD DAC2 - is there a plan to include this device in Volumio?


I have got the brand new HiFiBerry HD DAC2, but I can’t listen musik using this device, because it is using a differrent DAC (BurrBrown PCM1796). The drivers should be available in actual Rasbian (

HiFiBerry provides a hint to add there device:

Blockquote Overlay for config.txt: dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplushd

But that don’t work with actual Volumio 2.779

Is there a plan when this device would by available in Volumio?


Hi Otto, i will suggest you try with the ApplePi DAC driver and see if it works.

Hi Panos70!

Thanks for the hint, but this driver don’t work.

Any other ideas?


Hi Otto, unfortunately no. I can see in the documentation that they require a kernel upgrade. I did try in another occasion to update the kernel to latest version but it broke volumio, so I guess when they release an update it may work.

Unfortunately I got it to work!

I updated to the Beta branch of Volumio (Test Mode) and added this line to the dacs.json:

{“id”:“hifiberry-dac2hd”,“name”:“HiFiBerry DAC2 HD”,“overlay”:“hifiberry-dacplushd”,“alsanum”:“2”,“mixer”:“Digital”,“modules”:"",“script”:"",“eeprom_name”:“DAC 2 HD”,“i2c_adress”:“4d”,“needsreboot”:“no”},

Although I set it to “needsreboot” no I had to reboot to get it to work. That means add it to the dacs.json, reboot, pick “HiFiBerry DAC2 HD” of the list and reboot again. After that it worked right away.

The only thing that doesn’t work is the volume control. But its not too bad it’s at a quite normal level.

The System Version is 2.798

Hi! We can add it.
Can you just paste a screenshot of alsamixer ? (please select the hifiberry with f6)
this way we will make volume work

there you go

Done! Added via

Great! Will try it out this evening and provide feedback!


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I’m posting this if it helps anyone with no sound out of hifiberry dac2 hd.
Obviously flash the latest version of Volumio to sd card and install.
Despite selecting hifiberry dac2 hd in the dac menu there was no sound output.

I found that by turning 12s off and rebooting,upon reboot 12s was automatically switched back on and hey presto I had sound…
And wow,how glorious the hifiberry dac2 hd sounded.