New DAC for Odroid C1+ and C2: Hifi Shield 2

Hardkernel announced a new DAC for their Odroid C1+ and C2.
In a nutshell:
Based on TI’s high-end PCM5242 DAC chip, it supports 16, 24, 32 bit audio formats with minimal THD+N ratio (0.002%) and dynamics (114dB+) and sampling rates up to 384kHz.
One dedicated S/PDIF interface supports up to 192kHz/24bit resolution via Optical (Toslink) output.

It is supported by the current C1+ and C2 Volumio 2 Images.

More details here:

Very interesting!
On the hardkernel site I see that they have Odroid C2 working with their 5" and 3.5" LCD’s: I have my VU7+ still not working, so I’ll try again tonight.
They also state IIC volume control capability: is that working with Volumio, and if so: is it bit-perfect?
The DAC chip doesn’t seem to support DSD, though.

Correct, no dsd.
As for your VU7+, this should work with the plugin in the next version but that image has not been released yet.

Nice day !
How about Hifi Shield 2(PCM5242) sound quality ?
I am using Hifi shield(PCM5102) and ES9023 with ODROID C1+.
Better than these I2S cards and worth to buy more ?
Let me know the actual review.