New CD Player

Happy to see the CD player is integrated into Volumio proper!

Does anyone know if the upsampling in the playback settings affects CD playback? (I know I can rip it and then it will upsample, but if I don’t want to do that…)


Yes, if you enable resampling, this will affect also CD playback.
How do you like the CD playback and ripping function?


How did you acivate CD function. Is there a Beta of volumio necessary? Or where is this function documented?


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Hi, update to the latest version. Then you should have MyVolumio Superstar or Virtuoso account.
Then simply connect a USB CD drive and insert a CD… You’ll see the CD option in the browse tab :wink:

Hi guys,

thanks for this feature. Do you have some recommendations on the external cd drive? The conventional are quite noisy.
Overall the CD player and ripping is easy and straightforward to use, so thanks that is what I wes looking for.


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Great to hear. I have used a LG drive, Philips and ASUS. I’ve had equal experiences with them all.
Why do you say they are noisy? While playing or while ripping?


The Nanomesher team (developer of the CD Player plugin) recommends a SONY DRX-S90U, which can be powered directly by the PI, is very silent and does a good job overall.

I also tried the SONY DRX-S77U which is also good, cheaper but requires an extra power supply.

Best Regards

Only suggestion I can give: it’s better to get an externally powered USB CD Drive. The initial start of a CD Drive requires lots of power, which if not provided correctly can result in SD Card corruption on the Raspberry PI.

Hi Mike,

The noise was even while playing cd, but I tried USB Y connector and connected the drive to external power source and its better now. On the other hand those external cd drives were never designed for hifi playback. I’m more than happy to have this feature within one solution and with consistent cd ripping quality of my cd library (re-ripping of all of my cds just started :slight_smile: ) + integrated auto-tagging of tracks.

Couple of side notes:
While playing CD - you could also add the same track labeling & booklet feature as its implemented while you ripping cd (now just shows Track 1, …)
CD Ripping - you could add preset for drive target for ripping

I’m thinking to get this:

Thanks & keep up with the great work guys.

Can someone tell me what features the cd ripping plugin uses? Has it features comparable to eac and dbpoweramp?

Hi Michelangelo,
great feature that I tried and works properly. I tried to rip a CD too, but the only option to select the music files destination disk is: internal !!!
It seems to me that after the ripping, trying to find the album, I selected albums but only the first track has been copied and I don’t know where. probably in the the SD card memory ??? I don’t want to bother you, but would you be so kind to write some instructions lines.
Thanks for your great work and assistance

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You can copy them on Internal (SD Card) or USB drive.
I suggest you to copy on USB drive. Bear in mind that ripping takes about 30 minutes, and you’ll be notified when it ends because the disk is ejected :wink:

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Thanks Michelangelo,
I thought it was possible to copy the file in a folder of my NAS !!!
Grazie ancora

That is what I want as well.
It is possible with the plugin from Nanomasher.
So please ad this feature!


This is a wonderful new feature. Many thanks! If it actually works someday :wink:
Spontaneously, it works well. But if you hear a long time dropouts do sometimes occur. Maybe no error correction strategy for not perfect CDs…?
And really a pity: Gapless playback does not work. Strangely, it works when jumping to about 30 seconds before the end of a track. This is I think too much before the end for having the track transition in preload memory. But it works. When listening the complete CD, there is a long gap between each track. After the end of the track you can hear the drive working conspicuously, as if it was surprised by the end and then looks for how to continue.


Is this plugin available only under myvolumio?


Is is still not possible to directly rip to a NAS target? Would be a quick win to implement this :wink:

I would also prefer the ability to rip straight to a NAS device.
If you have to manually move the file/s, you may as well rip on another device, that can use the NAS as the target. As it can get tedious if you have lots of disks to rip.

On the subject of which optical drive, there is a list of CD drive reading accuracy here:

I have chosen the Attapi (Lite-On) iHAS124 10th from the top.
Most of the drives at the top of the list are expensive Blue Ray burners, the iHAS124 is a DVD/CD burner at about quarter of the price.
Most, like mine, are internal 5.25" SATA Drives, so you will need a case that houses it and converts to USB 3 output.
I bought this:
It has an additional 12v power brick, as these SATA devices need 5v and 12v.
These full size drives are usually better built and more robust than the slimline USB drives, with their flimsy half drawer and that damn hub which you can’t get the disk off. :smiley:

I wrote a simple guide to autoplay audio CD on a Pi thanks to MPD and preventing the driver for being too noisy maybe it’ll help some of you