New apps

Just want to check that Volumio is a “generic” (maybe not the right description) Linux and I can download/install other applications. I am specifically interested in installing a CD ripper app; I do use Asunder in my current system (Ubuntu 16.04 + MPD) but I am reading that “morituri” might be a “better” ripper…open to suggestions/advice…

Thank you, Alex

Just be careful installing other software on top of Volumio; it can cause problems if you don’t know what you are doing (no slight intended). Definitely avoid doing a system wide upgrade/update, because you will almost certainly break things :wink:

Thank you I appreciate your answer…BUT, what exactly to I have to be careful about ? I want a RIP-ping app on the machine; how exactly can I download a ripping app without causing harm to Volumio ?

Again thanks, Alex

Any libraries etc that you download may not be compatible with versions that Volumio uses. I’ve no idea what you are installing, so can’t guide you there. You may also affect the ability of Volumio to update in the future, meaning that you would need to reflash to use later versions. Probably the easiest thing to do would be to just try it and see if it causes problems.

Ahhhh, ok, I understand now, thank you…But, this prompts two new questions:

  1. Since Volumio is a music playing “eco-system” shouldn’t include a ripper app ?? I am old and old-fashioned, I like to buy CD, rip them and store them.
    I used Asunder with my previous system incarnation (Ubuntu + MPD) but I’m open to anything that is considered “good”.

  2. How close does Volumio follow that “top of the trunk” of Linux releases (yes, I know that is hardly precise, there is no “one” Linux) ?

Again, thanks a lot, Alex