New All-in-one DAC with Display and Controls

Hello all,

We are Nanomesher. We have just developed NanoSound - an all-in-one audio addon board which combines:

  • Texas Instrument PCM5122 DAC
  • OLED display
  • Control buttons
  • Infrared Receiver
  • Pi Switch On/Off switch

It works perfectly with Volumio. 3D printed case is under development and will be available in a couple of weeks.


We have spent countless hours in NanoSound. It sounds awesome and hope you like it! :slight_smile:

NanoSound has been delivered and now in store:

Best Regards,

Nanomesher Team

Always interested in new ways of listening; what DAC chip are you using?

Chris M

NanoSound uses Texas Instruments PCM5122 DAC (Burr Brown 112/106-dB Audio Stereo DAC) It is also accompanied by Hifi grade capacitors from EVOX RIFA, WIMA and ELNA.

It sounds awesome :slight_smile:

I like the design/option of separating power supplies for the Pi and DAC. So I can plug a linear PSU to the DAC for a quiet background. Just wondered if you have tested the operations of the buttons and display of the Pro version and see if they would cause any noise?

How about the on-board WiFi, have you tried to use it for network connection? Or it should be disabled. Instead, a WiFi dongle / or Ethernet should be used to avoid interference, similar to HiFiberry?



Do not plan to develop a similar system without DAC?
Many of us already have some type of CAD.

Hi John,

The buttons circuitary uses power with the pi, so you have the option to have the DAC completely separated.

We have tested the onboard wifi and do not have any audible noise. Feel free to advise ways for us to test. Thanks

Hi Daniel, thanks for your interest. Yes, we are also looking into using the same design minus the dac. The challenge would be physical integration with other i2c dacs. We are looking at a stackable solution. Stay tuned

Looks very good !

I love the display and controls !

But why another f*cking PCM51XX this chip sounds like a broken Beats headphone …

Quiet background is good. As far as noise coming from onboard WiFi interference is concerned, the WiFi noise issue on HFB DAC is pretty straightforward. WiFi on = noise; WiFi off = no noise. While I will hold my judgement until I hear the sound of the synergy of the components of this DAC, I wondered if the following would make this or future campaigns more attractive:

  1. A metal case option
  2. An option of Sabre DAC chip with a higher price point
  3. Direct DSD capability

Hello! thanks for your interest

  1. Yes. we are developing a case with both metal and plastic option.
    Here a render:

2 and 3) Thanks for your suggestion - The current version is already very capable audio quality wise and we will get it independently reviewed. But Yes, we will still consider a higher end version, likely reusing the same physical design so that customers already with current version don’t need to replace the case when they upgrade DAC.

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our kickstarter campaign here:

We are now more than 80% funded after 1 day.

NanoSound DACs are now available in Volumio & the official Nanomesher shop!

3D printed case is also available as below:

This looks awesome.
Remote control is so handy. I presume I could program my logitech harmony to control it so.

Does the board just attach to the pi gpio, no soldering needed?

And you can use your existing pi power supply but just connect it to the nanosound board?

Yes, it can be reprogrammed as LIRC is supported

No soldering needed at all

Yes, it just need 5V 2A or above.

Nnaosound is now available in: