Network switch on volumio

Anyone use network switch before there volumio device?
Is it useful or snake oil

Look for Alpha Audio switch test on Google. All the info is there and is regardless of the OS used on your streamer. Personally I have chosen for complete galvanic separation by using fiber media converters and an ethernet isolator right before my streamer.

@Vennesch ,
I have check out the Alpha Audio test on YT

How is your outcome now and before?
Is it something that uplift the sq thats worth it

I suppose we are talking about what is called “hifi switch”. If you are a bit fix with your fingers, get a nice 8 port switch for 10 euro, build a linear PCU and a clock. All this for under 20% of what you can get by the “audiophile” companies.
In my opinion yes it makes a difference, but not in a degree that someone wants just to sell one and pay the months rent.

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Will surely not buying a “hifi” switch price is crazy
Was thinking getting a cheap luxul ags-1016 used from either eBay or Amazon. They cost approx 10-15€
But i am still a little so and so on this tweek if it doing better or not

I cannot imagine this will make any difference. Buy a small 8 ports and give it a linear PSU, this will get you some of the way.

The luxul switch have a iec c14 power input, so the power can directly from power distribution

So what exactly are you asking? If you put a 15 € switch will make a difference? Why should it?


It will do 100% of nothing special other than getting data from A to B.

yes and no.

If you have a bad network, switch/cables/… there will be some collisions and packet drops. If they exceed certain amount, you theoretically get a buffer under run. This might impact the SQ experience.

But if you’re network is that bad, all connected hardware would suffer from it. Internet almost impossible, get files from a NAS…

Frankly, anyone with even a beginner’s knowledge about how network switches and interfaces work knows that the concept of a “hi-fi switch” is utter nonsense. They are based on the concept that “there’s a sucker born every minute”.