Network security key - volumio2 doesn't work

After some time using other players, I decided to check out the Volumio once again to see if it got any better, and instantly I hit the wall. I flashed the volumio image which seems to boot fine. I’m using the USB WiFi dongle (TP-Link TL-WN725N) on RPi3. I can see the hotspot Volumio, but the “volumio2” doesn’t work as “network security key” in Windows, or as password in Android.
Is it changed now in latest Volumio distro?

“volumio2” is still the default password. Have you left your device for 5-8 minutes or so on first boot as suggested in the ‘Quick Start Guide’?

You should make sure you cleared your system from any “Volumio” SSID connection history to avoid any client side conflict.

I did leave it on for more than 15 minutes. Also, there was no chance of past Volumio leftovers because I used completely new microsd. However, changing the USB port did make it work instantly. Interestingly, the USB dongle does work in the “troublesome” usb port on other distros. So it’s some kind of a glitch.

Volumio seems to be very rough still, and I see no improvements in usability either. There are so many useful things from other players that I miss here… The sound on the other hand still seems to be best by far on Volumio with Allo Boss. I’d like to know why exactly…