Network Drive Size

I’m using a shared folder on a Synology NAS to store my media files. I got over the mounting and protocol issues thanks to help on this forum.

my question is, what is the Size parameter? :

I checked the quotas for the User accout on the NAS and they are all unlimited so what does this 86.34 GB value mean. I only have about 100MB of files in the Media folder.

Thanks in advance.

It appears to be the total used space on the NAS and not just the Media folder. Not very useful!

This is very use full to me, you know how much space there is left. It makes more sense to me then displaying the size of the music files. As this has no added value for me.

It doesn’t necessarily tell you how much space is left if there are other files on the NAS. It only tells you how much space is currently taken by the shared volume.

I have seperate shares on the same server for my music collection and my PCM recorder. They both report the same Size in Volumio, which is slightly different to the df output, so not very useful.

You can get the size of your musing collection from ssh
du -s /mnt/NAS/[share name]/*
Shame volumio doesn’t do that.