Neil Young Archives streaming has very high fidelity audio streaming… and access to every single Neil Young song/album there has ever been.

I would love to have Volumio be able to stream it.


Ooh yes! How do we get this streaming?


(might even bring me back to MyVolumio :laughing: )



A big ‘yes please’ from me

It would be great!!!

With Neil removing his music from Tidal, this could be great!
And apparently Bluesound (and maybe other) has this feature…

I don’t see any open API from NYA that would allow this to happen.

Bluesound has this feature because they specifically worked with NYA to integrate it into their OS, most likely through a closed-source API created for the purpose.

Yes - that would be awesome!

As I am also keen to have it implemented, I asked the guys from NYA and thats the answer:


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+1 for this feature. Would the piips at Volumio mind reaching out to NYA and explaining them what Volumio is and why it would be a great idea for NYA to open up their API for your team as well? :wink:

I am very, very sure that NYA has an exclusive contract/license with the closed Bluesound streaming system.
Most of Neil’s music is still on Qobuz and Amazon, not on Tidal.
I do not know what the situation is with Apple Music and Spotify, because I don’t use it.
My question to NYA was only a matter of convinience.