Neewbie Help Please!

I have just got a raspberry Pi 3 and have flashed an sd card with the volumio v2 beta 3 image as instructed but when I turn the rpi on nothing happens.

I hooked it up to a monitor and all I see is a multi coloured square in the middle of the screen.

I formatted the card and put the noobs image on and that starts fine (although I haven’t actually loaded any os)

Can anyone help?

the rainbow is due to a lack of current : use an other power supply. A smartphone psu is not enough.

Thanks for the reply.
I am using the new official power supply for the rpi 3.
Also when loading up Noobs the rainbow screen last only a split second then the noobs screen appears so I reckon my power should be ok.

Any other ideas, does volumio work with the rpi 3?

As of yet there is no support for the R-Pi 3. It needs an other boot configuration thus an new image.

I have exactly the same problem. A new Pi 2 with matched power supply, which works perfectly well with latest Raspbian.

With latest Volumio image, I get the big rainbow square filling the whole vertical extent of the screen and a small one in the upper right. Neither of the squares is flashing.

Very hard to believe that this is a power supply problem. I use Raspbian with mouse and keyboard also powered form the Pi and I lever get the flashing rainbow unless I use a smaller supply.

Do you use volumio rc2?

Did you solve this problem? I am having the same issue with RPI2 and volumio 1.55.