Need Volumio app for windows 10

I have a touchpad with a non bootable sdcard slot running windows 10 no usb I’m looking for a way to install Volumio without using a boot drive . I want to use this touchpad for the interface on a jukebox I am building… but I’m stuck. Thanks all

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It’s not really clear what you want to achieve: should the touchpad only function as interface for a different Volumio device, or should this display run Volumio and display its UI?

In the first case, simply open a browser, type in the IP address of your Volumio device and set the browser window to full screen.
The latter case is more complicated. There is an x86 build for Volumio, and you will have to install this on the tablet instead of Windows 10. And then you need to configure the display to show the Volumio UI rather than simple command-line. I don’t think there is a standard plugin or solution for this.

:unamused: Thanks for the response… What I am tring to do is make a jukebox out of an old floor radio that is basically gutted. My son did this by adding a touchscreen, a pi and an amplifier pa speaker. I happen to have a small tablet/laptop that would work instead of the pi. and wanted it to show the volumio ui… then use the audio out to a pa system in the radio cabinet like my son did on his radio.

I am wishing volumio had a function that could be run on a windows 10 tablet simulator to Winamp/ VLC or Windows Media player that I could expand full screen and show music album box art etc. I even have an android tablet that I could use too… I like the Gui on Volumio.

Why use the tablet to replace the Pi? Let the Pi run Volumio, and use the tablet as is to display the UI via the browser. Easiest solution!

As said, if the tablet can run Windows 10 it is theoretically possible to load the Volumio x86 image onto it. It is probably not easy though. Especially not configuring the touch display to act as such with the UI, rather than command line.

I don’t really understand this one… Volumio is an Operating System on itself, like Windows. The web-UI is specifically designed for this and cannot be used as front-end for other applications.

Hmmm… I was not aware that Volumio was in itself an OS. I was thinking that is was a media player only that you could boot off a usb drive. So unless I blow out my Windows laptop and load Volumio I’m screwed… unless I buy a Pi, touch screen and go that route. Anyone know if there is a full screen media player that has box art similar to Volumio I can run under Win 10…thoughts?

There are plenty of music players for Windows 10, and most decent managers/players will do full screen. Check out MediaMonkey and MusicBee, they will most likely do what you are looking for.