Need to manually login when starting volumio


As a first post, this will naturally be a scream for help.

I just started using Volumio on my Raspberry wearing a DAC hat the other day. Everything was still working fine this morning, but when I wanted to launch it this evening, nothing.
More precisely said, it wasn’t showing on my network. So I plugged in a screen, rebooted and saw that it was asking me to login. That’s what I did and everything was back to normal. However, I now need to manually log in everytime… I cannot remember having made any drastic change in the settings. To be sure, I erased my personal settings and did a factory reset, but same problem.

The solution of configuring an auto-login must be pretty simple, but I’m the definition of a noob on Linux in particular. Anyone can help ?

Thanks in advance

You don’t need to log in to the command line for Volumio to be working: it is designed to run “headerless” & be controlled from a browser interface. Having said that you can do some useful things from the CLI if you are having problems, such as check the IP address:


sudo iwconfig[/code]