Need to login on restart

every time i restart volumo i need to login so i can use volumio on touchscreen is there is there a way to auto login so i dont need to do this everytime i restart volumio

i also use volumio headless from my phone but i mainly use the touchscreen when im in the room with it as im using it for a multiroom setup

raspberry pi 3 B+
volumio 2.799
offical raspberry pi3 7" touchscreen

You don’t need to (auto-) login. Just install the Touch Display plugin from Volumio’s plugin manager (look for the plugin in the category “miscellanea”) and enable it. If you should already have installed lightdm or the like remove it completely. This includes scripts or services that might have been added in order to start an xserver.

thank you for the help i have fixed it now

Hi kilby, it would be useful for future forum searches if you coud explain what the “fix” was. If it was gvolt’s post then please select it as the “solution”. :slight_smile: