Need to interface PCM1808 with nano pi neo

I have designed a board usign Nano Pi NEO and circuit of PCM1808.
PCM1808 is an ADC that convert analog dual channel audio to I2S interface and act as master. it send data at 8k sampling rate and 24 bit format.
Now i am not an expert in linux but i installed the default image on nano pi and tried arecord commands but i am not getting any success.
I have a question that do nano pi image come with I2S configured in slave mode?
if it is slave mode then how i can configure it to support 24 bit format.

secondly, if it is in master mode then how i can configure it in slave mode.

Thank You

Do you mean analog to I2S input? Not sure if this is supported at all.
Perhaps @nikkov can help you with a few hints?

For me to understand: what is the goal in relation with Volumio?