Need help Link ?? on your home page

Being interested by the Primo, after all the reading and reviews, I finally came to your website looking for some answers on the device. so under the Primo Volumio I found the Help link…b ut it doesn’t work…tried it il the last week couples of time, I understand that it’s simply not working…
I don’t find it really reassuring that this help link does not work…it does not give a good impression to start with.

I had couples of questions, so I had to come to this forum…not, that it’s a bad thing, the community around here seam’s to be involved and that is great.
Would be good to have a working link for simple questions in your products page.

If there is another one that I didn’t see…sorry for that.

I live in Canada and I wanted a estimate on how it is going to cost, duty, delivery, etc…

have a nice day.

Hi, thanks for notifying. Can you specify which help link does not work? I don’t understand what you are referring to.

Re your questions:

  • Primo comes with free shipping, so no additional shipping costs.
  • We’ve shipped many Primos to North America and Canada, and so far we did not receive any report of custom duties being asked. Of course, this is not under our control, but we never had someone to pay import duties on Primo in North America (it is shipped from Hong Kong).
  • Typically, it’s delivered in 4 days

It’s on the Volumio Primo page.
Need help contact us link.

It link to no access page.

Thank you for the infos on the delivery.