Need Help - Changed Setting and Now can't connect

My Volumio is set up on a new model Rasp Pi and has a Hiberry DAC. It has been working fine. While I was playing music, I was browsing the settings for something that would help with volume being too high during first second or two of song beginning. I think I was under Playback Options. There was a setting that was turned off and I thought it said something like DSD or PSP setting. Stupid me, I clicked it to ‘on’ and when I hit ‘save’, the music stopped instantly. Volumio appeared to still be running so I changed the setting back to ‘off’ and clicked ‘save’, but nothing popped up indicating that anything really got saved. The the Volumio screen darkened and all that was showing was a circular progress bar going round and round. I rebooted my Raspberry and now I can’t even connect to Volumio from my laptop. Does anyone know how I might fix this mess? I can’t find anywhere a simple listing of the settings page and what all the different settings do. That would surely help. I hope I didn’t mess it up too badly.

Thanks, Steve

Have you tried connecting with SSH? Does the Pi show up in Fing? If not, are you able to add a screen and keyboard?