Nearly setting up a RPI and wondering of DAC compatibility


I’m thinking of setting up a raspberry with Volumio to use it as a streamer with my external DAC.
This DAC has a C-Media CM6631 USB input chip. Wondering whether it would be recognised by Volumio, I gave the forums a read and found many of users had some issue. But I see they all had the CM6631A version, which is newer than mine.
Was the problem solved with Volumio updates? Does anybody know of compatibility with my one?

Thank you very much for reading

Just opened it up and it has the CM6631A and not the CM6631. Probably the vendor used to call it the short way realising I was not an expert :slight_smile:
The question is still valid: were the issues with this chip overcome as it was long time ago? (I’ve read of the CM6631 fix)

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i found some info for kodi

didn’t find any for volumio in the USB DAC compatibility List

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Thank you dvo. Though I would like to use Volumio. It seems it’s working (despite the incrreased bitrate) on Kodi.
As for the compatibility list, that’s listed depending on the DAC model. In my case, it’s not a branded device. It was made by the popular Weilang in China and it has a double WM8741 dac chip. Actually the brand is “Breeze” and there is one on the list but it’s a different one

just give it a go, the worst that can happen is losing 30 minutes of your time…

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I will, Wheaten. Thanks

And report back in the compatibility list, if it is working as expected :smile:

Sure I will! :smiley:
Even because I’ll be back for some other help, I guess!

There are a lot of people here willing to provide help.

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Breeze Audio devices from Weilang usually work, standard stuff, never had a problem with it in the past.

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Great, gkkpch. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi guys.
After a long time waiting for a Raspberry to arrive (a backpayment was needed to order it in Italy and it took 40 days for it to be available!) I finally got it, installed Volumio and tested: it works great with my Breeze Audio Dac7!
Thank you!!!

Great, enjoy your music. Hopefully the rpi shortage will end this year.

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