Navidrome AND Volumio, is it possible?

Given the instability issues with play.volumio (, I would like to try installing Navidrome on the same SD card (and the same Raspberry Pi, Rpi 3b+) where I have Volumio. Do you think is it possible, through Docker, to create an isolated Navidrome container that does not interfere with Volumio and keep both services active (and accessible)?

Everything is possible, but why would you do this on a dedicated platform for an audio device???

Leave Volumio for what it is and don’t overload it with stuff that’s not needed.

The problem is that, as I have already mentioned in a couple of topics, I find the feature that allows streaming my music collection outside the home network extremely useful.
I have many albums in versions that are not available on streaming platforms and that I listen to frequently.
I’d like to do this outside the house as well, but with play.volumio, the buffering and audio drop issues are too frequent. Therefore, I would like to try with Navidrome. However, I don’t want to keep two separate Raspberry Pis or change SD cards every time, hence my request.

I’m not aware that anyone has yet managed to put a viable Volumio image into a Docker container that works even on a Pi. That would be a very desirable thing, as I would also like to containerize it with the docker functionality on my OpenMediaVault NAS, all on the same device. I would probably add Kodi too.

But I’m not even sure it’s possible (for example bit perfect music playback I suppose requires careful low level timings and CPU allocation to prevent glitching which may not be compatible with other containers), and if it is possible, I’m not sure who would maintain it. I think it’s most likely a nice dream we share. I would love to be wrong. A very clever Linux nerd might prove me wrong.

I haven’t encountered much instability myself, but a solid Volumio container would certainly be something i would want to try out.