Native dsd dac rpi4

good morning,
I thank the forum for welcoming me.
I apologize for my English, I’m Italian.

I am not very familiar with volumio and raspy, and I would like to make my first streamer with the RPI4
i would like information on purchasing a dac for rpi4,
which supports native dsd
any solution is fine for me
perhaps with external power supply
I care that it is the top for audio quality
thank you all for the help

A good website to explore is Audio Science Review. They tell you what performance parameters are important and measure very many DACs

You will see that ASR have also evaluated cables. ASR finds that a well made, modestly priced cable (USB or RCA) performs as well as the rather overpriced cables from Audioquest and other boutique manufacturers!
With a good USB DAC you do not need to ‘clean’ the USB signal from the RPI4. Again ASR have measured the effectiveness of these USB cleaners and have come to the conclusion that it is best to use the money you might have spent on a USB cleaner on a better DAC!

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Thanks a lot for the answer.
I need a dac hat for the RPI4, not an external DAC.
like hifiBerry, Allo, …

There are several HAT reviews there on ASR. The low cost hifi berry DAC:

The higher cost Allo Katana:

We see from the measurements that HAT DACs are a bit of a compromise at the higher quality end though, and an external DAC will give more performance for the same money. Look carefully at ASR for comments about expensive external power supplies. They do not improve the sound quality either in measurement or a true double blind test of the sound quality. Many YouTube reviewers refuse absolutely to do a double blind test - because it won’t come up with the answer their sponsor wants! A good DAC will be tolerant of slightly noisy power rails by incorporating a lot of filtering and additional regulation.
You may also need to consider heat removal from the RPI4. With a HAT DAC a small nearly silent fan may be advisable since there is little airflow over the RPI4 otherwise. In a non HAT application a heatsink case such as one made by FLIRC is often used. A RPI4 is only really needed for a USB DAC with a HAT DAC you might consider a cooler running RPI3?

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great news, and read the native dsd?

I rather think that no DACs from hifi berry offer DSD, including their more recent DAC2. The Allo Katana works up to DSD 128 I believe. In most cases the websites for audio companies are composed by people who are technically illiterate and so important information like detail specifications are missing . . . So you have to look around the web for reviews and comments from users. External USB DACs are easier to research here. :slight_smile:

in fact, I checked on the net, and I don’t find any info on the reading of the native dsd.
I already have an external dac, I would like one for the Raspy.
thanks again, i hope to find info on dsd.
Does Allo have dacs that kegg the dsd?

incredible, allo katana 250€!!!

i dont think such an expensive dac makes sense for the raspy.

in my opinion, a dac for the raspy should cost a maximum of about 100 \ 150 €

Yes the Katana is damn expensive! And it offers perhaps less performance than the Topping E30 external USB DAC at half that price which also supports DSD 512.
The Raspberry Pi4 is a very good digital transport mechanism and will offer the same performance as expensive audiophile streamer solutions assembled in aluminium cases milled from a solid block. One of the highest performing DACs available today, the Okto Research DAC 8 stereo, has an option for an inbuilt RPi4 - so it cannot be that bad!
Also with a RPI4 you can consider digital room equalisation but that is whole different topic . .