NAS question on 2.806

Volumio Information

Player Name: Volumio Listening Room
Volumio Version: 2.806
Hardware: pi4 4GB
DAC:HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro

Player Name: Volumio 2BR
Volumio Version: 2.806
Hardware Pi 3B
DAC: HiFiBerry AMP2

Player Name: Volumio 3
Volumio Version: 2.799
Hardware Pi 3B
DAC: HiFiBerry AMP2

Here’s the problem. I have an SSD drive attached to the USB port on “Volumio Listening Room”
It is mounted as a NAS on the other two systems. On “Volumio 3” it shows up with all of the contents. On “Volumio 2BR” it shows up but contents display “No Items”.

The only difference I can account for between these two systems is the Volumio version. It did not display any error when I set up the NAS in Sources on “Volumio 2BR”. I tried doing a restart to see if it would pick up but no change.

It was working prior to the Volumio update to 2.806. I can play web radio content fine on all three players.

What can I check / edit to make the NAS playable from “Volumio 2BR”?
I can post logs if needed but there will be a lot with the three systems.


Stupid questions, but are all the “” & “/” the same on each path to NAS? as this seems to be an issue on previous similar posts. Also did you scan sources on 2BR?

It may be helpful to post pics of the sources page for each

Andrew- Thanks for the reply. The paths were in fact identical as I copy and pasted from the working version to the new set up. The solution lay in the suggestion to scan sources on 2BR. I believe it did it automatically when I set up 3, but I could be misremembering. In any case the scan picked it up and all is well. Thanks again.

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