NAS Netgear ReadyNas NV+

Hi there!

I’ve been struggling nights to get my Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ te work with Raspyfi. Tonight i’d like to get on with that, finding a new name and version available; Volumio.

Downloaded and installed. No working NAS.

My Nas is on the same network as the Volumio on RaspberryPI. It’s name is SERVER, It has IP-adres, it supports CIFS, NFS and AFP.
On the NAS, there is a share called ‘media’, and is fully working with upnp/dnla apps. In the ‘media’ share are separate folders called ‘Music’, ‘Videos’ and ‘Pictures’.

So in Volumio webinterface I enter:

Source name - SERVER (Because i want it to show up like ths in Volumio
The name you want to give to this source. It will appear in your database tree structure

fileshare protocol - Doesn’t matter which one i choose, does not work
Select SMB/CIFS for connect Windows file shares or NFS for unix file shares

IP address -
Specify your NAS address

Remote directory - media/Music or any combination of media and music, case sensitive or not
Specify the directory name on the NAS where to scan music files (case sensitive)

Username - my admin username

Password - my admin password

This results in a " mountpoint modified",“DB update in progress” top right, but also in a moount with a red cross before the SERVER mount.

When i click on this i see the system report:
Last system mount error
mount: mount point /mnt/NAS/SERVER does not exist

Please help me getting this to work. Without my NAS this software is actually of no value to me.


don’t place a / before the names

if this doesn’t work, just login with SSH and give this (user root, pw volumio)

mkdir /mnt/NAS/SERVER

chmod -R 7777 /mnt/NAS/SERVER

I had it working only after going from the SSH prompt and switching to autofs, check my posts.

Here’s the interesting bit: sec=ntlm. On the /etc/auto.nas, my version for a Netgear NV+ V2 looks like this (ignore the word wrap):

Heap -fstype=cifs,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm,rsize=2048,wsize=4096,cache=strict,username=anon,password=password ://

This, plus CIFS-UTILS, gives happiness…

Hello Chrisrm9208
Thank you very much for your Input. This was also the solution for me. I have tried to mount my readynas for several weeks now via CIFS however succeeded onyl via NFS. It seems however, that NFS is resulting in some problems with playing FLAC-files (glitches in music) on the raspberry (the same file played from e.g. USB-stick is okay and I could also rule out the possibility, that my network is to slow) and my guess was, that the raspberry is burdened to much with the NFS connection. With your input I managed now also to mount the NAS via CIFS and also the FLAC-files are played now flawlessly. Thanks