NAS mounting issues in version 2.502

I have been using Volumio 2 for years and it was mounted to my Synoloy NAS with no issues.
The latest online upgrade from 2.4 to 2.5 did not succeed , niether did any plugin installs, So I started over with a different SD card (original card also would not boot with new image).
After updating with a clean image on new sd card on Rasb 2 I get folowing - rather blocking - issue: I can not fill the music library
I can only connect with NFS without mounting errors. CIFS option gives me SMB mounting errors. NAS is seen when scanning for netwerk drives.
But then i refuses to scan for music on the share (it reports no errors on that)
I cannot seem to connect with CIFS and users account/ww . NAS uses SMB 2 (SMB 3 does not work either)
Are there any advanced options I can use?
I tried option vers.=1.0 (which was reported somewhare on the forum), but that was reported as an invalid argument bij Voumio.

I also find it strange that the previous 2,4 versions are not available for download, why is that?


…and the error message was?

Try “vers=1.0” … actually you might want to also try “vers=2.0” (

Hi, “vers=2.0” in the advanced options fixed issues with not connecting with CIFS. And database immediately started filling with songs