NAS Lacie Cloud Box


I am trying to install a NAS (Lacie Cloud Box) unsuccessfully.

Here following the screenshot: … .09.25.png

The NAS is seen by all the PC in my home lan and also outside without problem.

Any help?

Thanks in advance.


Just an amendment: the correct IP address is but at the end the result is the same. I tried to change disk name and various combination of upper / lower letter in path definition but nothing happened.


After updating to release 1.3 UDOO I have thyis error in defining a NAS :

"mount: // Varie is not a valid block device "

which is different from the previous one.

What is the error? There is a way to fix it?



Again on this topic: now after upgrading to release Beta1.3 UDOO in the Volumio browser window a UPNP section is present which looks to my NAS (and the path name is LaCie-CloudBox that is my NAS).
Well I could browse in the music folders finding all the files I stored in them, I can add the files to the playlist but I cannot play them. It seems as they are just “pictures” of the file without any data.
@ Michelangelo: what could be the reason for this strange behaviour (to my eyes at least).