Nas Freebox

I can not configure options nas in Volumio interface,I want to use my Freebox for nas.if a user Freebox can help me it would be super nice.

I have a freebox also and have just downloaded and installed Volumio.
I managed to configure the freebox as a NAS.
In the Menu > Library, add a new mount with the freebox parameters: IP address and Folder where your music is.

This seems to work well, as I see the Freebox in the NAS browse menu.

But, when I browse using other clients, for some of the songs, I can’t see the songs information correctly:
The Artist appears as NAS
The Album appears as Freebox
The Song is the actual song

I still haven’t found a pattern, but seems to be happening when the Tag is not correct.

Did someone face a similar issue?

Hi clsidx!
Sorry, I had not seen your PM, and for some reason I can’t send PM messages.
In case you are still trying to make it work, and you see this message:
I do not enter any username or password since the shared folder does not need any.
Here are my parameters:
IP address:
Remote directory: Disque dur/Musiques
Username: none
Password: none

And that’s it!


I just installed a Raspy 2 with Hifiberry DAC+ with the last version of volumio.
I would like by ethernet access the DD of a Freebox, but can’t find a correct setting to mount the DD.

Did someone success to connect a Freebox ? Could he post me the volmio configuration ?