NAS D-LINK DNS-320L no way to setup

Hi, I have just installed a D-LINK DNS-320L NAS in my local network.
Trying to connect it on Volumio I get this message in the attached picture.

Please help with some clues.

Thanks in advance


Double check that you have the shared directory on your NAS is correct. Have you also set the NFS permissions on your NAS to include the IP address of your Volumio device?

Add vers=1.0 in the advanced settings

I was having the same issue and Thank you… That worked for me

Thanks You, i’ve got the same issue when try to mount a D-LNIK 320L and solved by:

  1. authorize the NSF in the Dlink
  2. keep the CIFS type on the Volumio settings
  3. set vers=1.0 in the options of the advance settings.