Nas connection problem


I have recently bought a Raspberry Pi 2 and Hifiberry Digi+ card. Its connected to the router via ethernet. I have installed Volumio and I can access it fine via the web OS.

I have all my music stored on an internal HDD on my PC, and what I’d hoped to be able to do is stream music from this HDD to the Pi and then on to an amplifier in the lounge.

However, this is all new to me and I can’t seem to get Volumio to “mount” this drive, perhaps as it isn’t a NAS?? My PC and the Music folder have been shared with the network homegroup.

Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance.

In the Webui go to lybray and add a new mount. I think you use a windows pc so choose SMB/CIFS protocol. Of course you have to set the goood path :wink: .
Don’t froget to update your library.


Thanks for the reply, I have SMB/CIFS set correctly. Maybe I don’t have the path set to the hdd right. What format should this be in? Does it have to start with the ip address of my PC? and then the file path of the music folder? Could someone give me an example? Thanks.

Can anyone help please??
As I said my music is on a hard drive connected to my PC.

What should I say as the IP address of this drive? Should it be my PC, or the router??

Then in the directory box what should the path be?

I thought :


(I.e. pcname\hddrive\folder)

Is this wrong? Or have I got the wrong slashes etc? Apologies, but I’m very new to this.

Thank you

A drive does not have an IP address. A computer has an IP address. Use the IP address of your computer.

The path is not the path on your computer. It is the sharename. You need to find out the sharename on your computer.

I don’t think you need to enter any slashes, just ip address and sharename.

Please have a look here : smb-cifs-shares-volumio-t1461.html :wink:

Thanks very much for the replies. I’ll give that a try. I had read through that post already but still wasn’t quite clear on things.