NAS Catalog Crash


I installed Volumio on a 4GB SD and had it running nicely for radio and USB streaming on my Rasberry Pi.

I have the “early adopter edition” Ras Pi with 256MB RAM Model B.

The issue is that when im scanning my main music collection from my NAS, it gets as far as about J and then crashes Volumio out? Its about 27GB of mixed FLAC, MP3 and maybe some WMA?

I have some further testing to do, but can only imagine it comes across a format it does not like. Im not using any DAC as yet, just testing before I invest in a HifiBerry. Perhaps its a good excuse to upgrade to a 512GB model B

Thanks :slight_smile: [/i]

I had the same problem. About 1T of music on Nas flac , mp3, and some other.
Found out that when the path gets to long, near its limit it will cause this.
Now keeping file names not to long solved this.
To find the problem I just opened volumio side by side with the Nas folder and looked for the bad file name. Fixed the file name and updated again.

That would make sense as I have a folder structure for Artist, then Album would could make some paths pretty long.

I will check to see if there are any long ones in there to crop.

Thanks for the info Mkf :smiley: